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and encouraging student performance
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  • Teachers assess kids' progress in one click by upvoting or downvoting.
  • Kids' unique performance score* gives them access to fun intellectual challenges with rewards.* calculated individually using artificial intelligence
  • Parents and teachers exchange feedback, analyse each kid's unique performance and growth areas.
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Pointis is a motivation-focused assessment tool with only two marks — upvote and downvote.

Trends in the marks determine the student performance score, which is calculated individually for each student taking into account multiple factors. It describes the dynamics of their performance and provides access to free intellectual competitions with valuable prizes.

With Pointis every kid has a chance for acknowledgment and rewarding.
Assess kids' progress in one click.
Motivate children.
Watch their performance.
Send feedback to parents.
Get rewards for kids' success
Children & teens
Get upvotes from teachers.
Raise you own performance score.
Use it to enter competitions.
Win prizes and rewards.
Participate in ratings.
Motivate your kids.
Control their performance.
Upvote kids for achievements.
Get teachers' feedback.
Join parents network.
Instead of a complex grading system, we use upvotes and downvotes.

This is less stressful, less confusing and more motivating for kids, as well as informative enough for adults.
Performance score
Performance score
The trends and the proportion of up and downvotes determine the student performance score on a scale from 1 to 100. It shows how well a student is performing based on their individual academic history.
A higher performance score opens more of our intellectual challenges for a student, where they can apply their knowledge in order to get rewards.

The challenges are designed by educationalists and help reinforce success.
Intellectual challenges for kids to make use of their knowledge and get rewards

Our challenges are a real chance to feel how theoretical knowledge can bring real benefits.

The higher a student's performance score, the more opportunities they get, including battles, contests, games and challenging tasks.

As a result, all kids are capable of winning prizes and useful things by relying on their academic and genenal experience.

Math challenge IMarch • minimum 50% performace
EdBattleMarch • minimum 25% performace
Diplomas, gifts
Math challenge IIApril • minimum 50% performace
Diplomas, badges
Knowledge auctionMay • minimum 90% performace
Badges, gifts
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We have two government licenses and cooperate with leading educational platforms.

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